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01 Jun 2020
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Cost Savings!!! Planning an Eco-friendly Wedding

Let me enlighten you on ways you can save money on planning your wedding using some of the most current trends!!! What better way to plan your wedding knowing that you can save costs and help the environment at the same time?  It may not sound easy and lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, not everything will be able to be zero-waste or things to go exactly planned.

Remember to give yourself and your guests some cushion and enjoy the process and planning phases leading up to your wedding, again the celebration is about love, commitment and lifelong union.

One way to go green on your big day is to think about what you really need to make the day all that you truly want it to be. In the beginning stages of planning, your first thoughts are usually the ceremony location, venue, theme and design, catering, flowers and of course your dress!!! And don’t forget, every couple wants to bring that something different on their big day for their guests to rave about!  These signature touches are what bring that passion and joy to the couple on their special day.

Here are some eco-friendly trends:

Plantable Wedding Invitations:

Discover this unique way of sending your guests a plantable wedding invitation, which grows wildflowers, or garden herbs (such as basil, chives, tomatoes or lettuce). Your guests will be amazed when they find out they can grow your invitation in their garden or inside their home. Whether you choose premium paper or seeded paper, both are 100% recycled. The same goes for save the dates, thank you cards, programs and menus, there are options for any season or card.

A lot of people nowadays are also sending email invites, there’s many companies that you can create nice & elegant online wedding invitations.


To save costs on decorations, because we all love those Pinterest ideas and we will purchase way too much stuff. Then after the wedding, wonder what I am going to do with all this. Don’t overbuy, think of a venue that is beautiful on its own. Some may not factor this in, but some venues do have the structure and design of elegance and glam.  Which you wouldn’t need to overload it with decorations, it makes a statement just on its own. Plus, the beauty of the happy couple makes the room shine.

Refurbishing Décor:

Not only can you reuse old things laying around your house or shed but these antique items can go a mile as your wedding décor.  Mix-matched dinnerware is sure a new trend and is very chic.  This will also eliminate any plastics and styrofoam going to waste. Maybe you don’t want to wear your grandmother’s or mother’s wedding gown but you want lace runners on your tables or lace wrapping your bouquets, you can easily have those gowns re-sewn and used in your wedding and cherish that ‘something old.’ Find a reputable seamstress to tailor the dress as you need. Plus, you can have the lace runners or any of the material you used as a keepsake still too!


Finding a local company that grows their own flowers, including farmers markets – you could easily save on costs purchasing them that way.  Depending on your theme & design of your wedding, incorporating wildflowers, wild greenery, feathers and in-season flowers are definitely a cost-saver and inexpensive.  I as well grow a variety of flowers and have expertise in making bouquets and boutonnieres, so this option could easily be a cost saver! The bouquets could also be set in vases on the tables to add as the centrepieces too😉 Wise choice and cost savings!

For those brides that want live flower bouquets but they want a keepsake, there is many ways you can preserve your live bouquet, I was very impressed and wish I would have known this at my own wedding.


So many to choose from-right! I’ll name a few because the list can go on.  Some eco-friendly cost-saver favours:

  1. My favourite quote for favours “Let Love Grow”, mini potted herbs or veggies that your guests can bring home to re-plant and enjoy!
  2. Burlap wrapped mini trees with a ‘lil cute note on it from the bride & groom, these could also be used as the centrepieces as well as the favours, they would sure dress up a forest-themed wedding.
  3. Packets of Seeds, herbs or veggies once again! Cause we all love having those healthy snacks, especially after we grew them right.  Tastes even better!
  4. Another one of my favs, tic tacs with a cute lil label that says “Mint to Be”

Vendors & Rentals:

Many vendors offer rental disposal systems that include recyclable containers for cans and bottles and a compost bin for biodegradable substances – you can also even think about donating the leftovers to a local shelter in your area, donate your cans and bottles to a charity or kids sports team to help them raise funds. Eliminating paper waste such as tablecloths is a wise choice, rent your linens and chair covers, I also offer these sorts of rental items to help the environment and to help save my clients on costs!!! Be sure to always speak with your caterer and vendor beforehand so you can ask them about their policies and practices to recycle day-of items after the reception.  Some venues don’t allow glass but there is the option of using compostable bamboo plates and silverware, plus corn-based, eco-friendly drinking glasses.

These are just a few of the cost-saving tips and trends for an eco-friendly wedding and to help eliminate your carbon footprint because then again; when we all do our share, the percentage rates of waste per person can be eliminated.

I hope you enjoyed some of my suggestions, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you, planning your wedding should be a fun, enjoyable and a memorable experience for you.  As a wedding planner, I’m here to provide suggestions and help you along the way; this is my passion to help my clients in any way I can!

Kristin ~

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